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Doctor knows best.
You know better than anyone what medications are best for your patients. Don't let the healing process get stalled by red tape. Summit will fill the prescriptions that you determine your patient needs, and our staff will handle authorization.
Kristina’s Story
“A work injury or illness can be a devastating thing. Not only does the patient suffer physically, but they lose their ability to contribute, which robs them of their self-worth. When they have to fight workers’ comp on top of it, the struggle can spiral into something much worse. Fortunately, Summit Pharmacy is there to step in, provide peace of mind, and get the patient the medications they need to return to a productive life.”




    What does Summit Pharmacy do for doctors?

    We take care of getting your patients the medications you prescribe. We also handle all the red tape of workers’ compensation. You get to focus on your patients.

    What are my responsibilities?

    Just enroll once, and give our number or website address to any patient covered by workers’ compensation.


    There are none. We settle directly with the workers’ compensation carrier.

    How do I get involved?

    Just enroll. It’s easy.

    Can I talk to your pharmacists?

    Absolutely, our pharmacists are available for phone consultations and assistance in emergent or difficult cases. Simply call 877-678-5400.

    Do I have to manage the relationship?

    No, we instruct patients to call Summit for information on medications and delivery, which frees up valuable staff time.

    Do you help me keep organized?

    Yes, Summit Pharmacy uses a single central location and helps you track the status of your patients’ medications.

    Do you offer compounded medications?

    Yes, we operate a busy compounding business. We formulate medications from scratch for patients who need special ingredients, dosages, flavors or forms of FDA-approved medication.

    I have patients who were injured in auto accidents and other mishaps. Can you help them, too?

    Yes, we can. Please call.