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Summit Pharmacy Inc. is a premier workers’ compensation pharmacy, dedicated to delivering doctor-prescribed medications to injured workers, auto accident victims and others without worry, expense or delay.

We also manage the claims process for thousands of patients and hundreds of attorneys and doctors across the United States.

We are committed to the principle that doctors should decide the medical treatment injured workers receive. We treat people with dignity, respect and kindness, and a real person quickly answers your calls. Because we live up to our reputation.

Summit Facts at a Glance

Medication delivery to your home or office.
Saves you time, money, and aggravation. We’ll let you know exactly when to expect it.
Hank’s Story
“I’ve worked hard all my life, and I’m never sick. But my hard work got me injured. The worst part by far was the red tape and delays in approving the pain meds my family doctor prescribed. I turned to Summit Pharmacy, and thank goodness for them. They made things right while my workers’ comp attorney worked out the issues. I’m back to work and feel like a whole person again.”
We make things simple for you – and your client.
If claims are in dispute or litigation, Summit will deliver doctor-prescribed medications on your authority. You can refer your clients to the experienced staff at Summit Pharmacy to handle all questions and concerns about their medications.
Michael’s Story
“My clients have enough to worry about with their injuries or work-related illnesses. Yet every week, I get a call from another anguished client who can’t get the medication their doctor just prescribed. I’ll give that client the phone number for Summit Pharmacy. They put my client at ease and ship the medication immediately. Never once has a client asked, ‘Why did you send me there?’ All I ever get is a heartfelt thank-you.”
Doctor knows best.
You know better than anyone what medications are best for your patients. Don't let the healing process get stalled by red tape. Summit will fill the prescriptions that you determine your patient needs, and our staff will handle authorization.
Kristina’s Story
“A work injury or illness can be a devastating thing. Not only does the patient suffer physically, but they lose their ability to contribute, which robs them of their self-worth. When they have to fight workers’ comp on top of it, the struggle can spiral into something much worse. Fortunately, Summit Pharmacy is there to step in, provide peace of mind, and get the patient the medications they need to return to a productive life.”


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Injured workers want nothing more than to return to their normal working lives. We’re committed to helping them do that by providing them with the doctor-prescribed medications they need. We believe that doctors should decide the medical treatment injured workers receive.

We serve thousands of patients across the U.S., including victims of auto accidents and other mishaps. We also serve hundreds of attorneys and physicians, managing the entire claims process for everyone involved. And clients who call our offices are always greeted by a real person ready to answer questions and attend to their needs.



Workers’ compensation is a relevant, timely topic affecting thousands of injured workers across the U.S. every day. This Thought Leadership section includes a wide variety of content on the topic, from blog posts and research reports to articles and videos. To see the full list of Summit thought leadership content, click here.




Do you have the passion, skills and knowledge to join us in our mission?

Summit Pharmacy, a premier workers’ compensation pharmacy, is dedicated to getting injured workers the doctor-prescribed medications they need, without delay, as well as handling the claims process for patients, attorneys and doctors.

We’re growing and looking for people who share our commitment to treating injured workers (and other injured people) with dignity, respect and kindness. We value the personal touch.

We’re interested in new teammates in all roles at all levels.

We offer competitive pay, excellent benefits and a warm, progressive culture where your career can thrive. Summit Pharmacy employees enjoy health and dental plans, 401(k) benefits, a wellness program and a modern office environment equipped with the latest technology.

Our culture is warm and supportive with an emphasis on helping those in need, including our colleagues, families and the community. We’re committed to continuing education, opportunity for advancement and a healthy work-life balance.


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