About Us

Patient Medication DeliverySummit Pharmacy is an innovative pharmacy service founded by Dr. Joel Morton, a former workers’ compensation physician. As an advocate for injured workers, Dr. Morton has been an expert witness in a number of personal injury and workers’ compensation cases. As a skilled physician, Dr. Morton has applied his knowledge and experience in working with patients, doctors and attorneys to create an integrated service to assist in all aspects of personal injury and workers compensation cases.

Summit Pharmacy offers unparalleled client service.  This includes facilitating prescription medication and expediting home medication delivery for patients as well as managing the claims process for patients, attorneys and doctors. Summit’s experienced and devoted staff includes many former medical professionals who have worked closely with physicians. Our staff also has experience dealing with insurance companies, coordinating referrals and managing medical-office billing both within major healthcare organizations and the private sector.

At Summit Pharmacy, we take pride in our emphasis on great customer service and patient care. But our focus on exceptional patient care also extends to our relationships with our physicians and attorneys.

For physicians, “Summit is a colleague that thoroughly understands the intricacies of the workers’ compensation system. It’s critical in a day and age when insurance carriers are dictating care, that we at Summit make sure you maintain control of the medications necessary for the proper management of patients you are caring for,” emphasizes Dr. Morton.

For attorneys, the knowledgeable staff at Summit Pharmacy can help facilitate client questions about medications and claims, in addition to providing pertinent documentation to help support the personal injury or worker’s compensation case.