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Recent Work or Auto Accident Injury?

Get free next day home delivery on approved prescription claims and start your road to recovery.

Patient Medication DeliverySummit Pharmacy is an innovative pharmacy service founded by Dr. Joel Morton, a former workers’ compensation physician. As an advocate for injured workers, Dr. Morton has been an expert witness in a number of personal injury and workers’ compensation cases. As a skilled physician, Dr. Morton has applied his knowledge and experience in working with patients, doctors and attorneys to create an integrated service to assist in all aspects of personal injury and workers compensation cases.

Medication Delivery for Injured WorkersMedication delivery via Fed Ex to your home or office.

Saves you time, money, and aggravation. Your medication delivery day/time information will be provided so you know exactly when to expect it.

We automatically send out refills before your prescription runs out, so you won’t have to worry or wait in pain.

Your medication will come with instructions and information about allergies, side effects and directions on how and when to take them.

Our experienced pharmacists are available for patient consultations at our toll-free phone number, so if you’re confused or have any questions or concerns, Summit Pharmacy is here to help. Just call 877-678-5400.

Patient Medication Delivery for PhysiciansDoctor knows best: You know what’s better for your patient than an insurance company. Summit will fill the medications that you feel are necessary for your patient, and our staff will handle authorization and verification issues.

Summit Pharmacy utilizes one central location, which makes it easy for you to track the status of your patients’ medications.

Our pharmacists are available for phone consultations and assistance in emergent or difficult cases. Simply call 877-678-5400.

Our staff handles all insurance and administrative duties, which saves you time and allows you and your staff to focus on your patients.

We instruct patients to call Summit for information on medications and delivery, which frees up valuable staff time.

Client Medicatin Delivery for AttorneysIf claims are in dispute or litigation, Summit will deliver medications on your authority.

You can refer your clients to the experienced staff at Summit Pharmacy to handle the day- to-day questions and concerns regarding medications and insurance claims.

We offer your clients peace of mind with the knowledge that they will receive their medications when they need them — without having to deal with workers’ compensation carriers.

Our expert billing and customer service staff handles all insurance and administrative duties, which alleviates hassles for you and your firm.

Our pharmacists and staff are available to answer questions regarding your clients’ pharmaceutical needs. Call Summit at 877-678-5400.